Structure Deconstruction

Have an old structure and need it taken down responsibly, properly and by a company that will recycle the wood? You're at the right place.

Wholesale Reclaimed Wood

Looking for beautiful reclaimed wood for your next project? Looking to use reclaimed wood to lower your footprint and become more eco-friendly? Look no further.

Treasures Found For Sale

Often times we find the best of old treasures while dismantling old structures. If old reclaimed treasures are your sorta thing, then take a look.


Reclaimed wood has a beauty that can only come with time.

Take a look at our beautiful wholesale reclaimed wood. It's great for the planet and it's great for you.

Better for all of us

When you have us deconstruct your structures, you win, we win, and the earth wins.


We'd love to hear from you...

If you're looking for trained professionals and wan't to have your old structures recycled, give us a call for a quote.