Reclaimed Items

Great Finds

We're always finding great treasures. If you're looking for something for your yard or a project, or just a piece of history, give us a call.


Turner, OR

An upcoming project located in Turner, OR


Dorris, CA

Our current project in Dorris, CA


Seneca, OR

Old Mill Project in Seneca, OR



Three buildings at Fairview training center in Salem: The main office building and the Kay and Holman Buildings.

The city is putting in a Park. We dismantled and save all the beautiful old wood to be used in some great projects.


Suver, OR

One of our biggest completed projects located in Suver, OR.


Lookout, CA

Pictures from a recently finished project in Lookout, CA.


Ashland, OR

Beautiful Axe Hewn Wood reclaimed from a recent job in Ashland, OR.


Silver Falls Highway Barn

This 100 year old beautiful  barn was located on silver falls highway. It has great siding and fantastic beams.


Silvia's Grocery

This historic store that was located in Portland was built in the 1880's and did business until 1981. We dismantled and reclaimed the wood and all salvageable items; saving it from being torn down and thrown away. The wood from all your projects have a new life - a new history.