We dismantle old barns, houses and building to save and reuse the wood. Our team of trained professionals ensures that we get the job done right.

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Take a look at our recent work sites. Including Barns, houses and buildings so you can get an idea of what we're all about here at Northwest Reclaimed Wood.

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Step inside to see first hand what reclaiming wood is all about. The treasures we find, the memories we share, and the epic places in which we reclaim our wood.

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Beautiful wood only nature and time can produce.

Reclaimed wood has a beauty that can only come with time. Each piece of wood and building has a  great story. Using reclaimed wood is eco-friendly.

Our main objective (goal) is to reclaim as much beautiful naturally aged wood, and leave the site in pristine condition. With Steve’s 25 plus years experience operating equipment he is able to  make the site look like new and ready for whatever its next story will be. We make sure all the wood is in excellent condition by de-nailing it and trimming the ends. Then is ready to go to a wood buyer. We have several great wood buyer that treat the wood and turn it into furniture and other great projects, or they sell it to builders, and the public.


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Looking for beautiful wood for a project or need someone to dismantle an old structure for you?